Guided Farm Tours

Red Horse Ranch is available by appointment only.

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What is a Farm Tour?

Guided farm tours are a 45-60 minute experience best suited for about 4-6 people. While this is not the maximum number of guests, we do recommend a small group for the best experience. On our tour we will pet, play with, and feed horses, cows, goats, and chickens! Animals vary by season and their willingness to participate. No animal is forced to interact with guests at the farm - once they are done with us, we are done with them! 

Children who wish to physically interact with animals must be under a parent or guardian's watchful eye at all times.

Booking and Donating

Guided farm tours to see our facility, pet and feed many of our lovely animals, and enjoy the outdoors here at the ranch are donation-based activities. This means they have no set price, but we do expect a reasonable donation for the time and resources spent on your tour. In order to make the rewarding and enriching farm life accessible to all - we will be happy no matter what level of donation you feel is appropriate.

Donations can be made via

Venmo: @Red-Horse-Sanford

Zelle: 407-620-9175


To book a tour or inquire about a more in-depth experience for your group or organization, please contact us via email or phone.


The Farmhand Experience

Red Horse Ranch is available by appointment only.

Harvesting Wheat

What is the

"Farmhand Experience"?

The farmhand experience is a moldable, interactive, and hands-on opportunity for those that want to learn about and engage in ranch life. The experience is tailored individually to each group and typically takes about an hour to complete. Additional time can be booked in advance.

In this program, there are no fences or walls between you and the animals. It is hands-on and best for those interested in animals, their day-to-day care, and individual lives. Every tour is different and customized to enhance your encounter with our animals.

30 dollars per person

(3 person minimum group size)

Your Tailored

Farmhand Experience

This experience is formed for and by you. While we can give you ideas, this gives your group the opportunity to engage with our animals in a more personal, direct manner. If you want to participate in something not listed below, do not hesitate to ask!

Options available for this experience are:

- Feed Any Animal On Property

- Bottle Feed a Baby Goat

- Finger Paint a Pony

- Wash a Horse

- Wash a Cow

- Groom a Horse

- Barnyard Egg Search

- Hold and Love on Baby Chicks

- And much more, at your request.

All activities during the Farmhand Experience are guided, and subject to seasonal availability.