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Horsemanship Progam

Red Horse Ranch is currently in open enrollment for our 2024 programs.

To discuss enrollment, please call or text 407-620-9175.

2024 Summer Camp

Program Overview

Current Openings:  TBD

Ages Eligible: 5 years old and up

Student MUST be able to follow directions to ensure a safe, fun experience.

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:2 

Pricing: $50 per lesson (billed monthly)

What to Bring:

- Long Pants (Jeans, Breeches, or Leggings)

- Sunscreen

- Water 

- Comfortable, Closed-Toe Shoes (Preferably with a 1-inch heel)

- Barn Ready Clothes

Academic Overview

Horse riding is both a fun and rewarding hobby as well as an extremely athletic sport. Progress is made at the speed of the student. At Red Horse Ranch, we place an emphasis on having fun and learning to handle horses safely.

In our program, we focus on our 3 C's of horsemanship. We want our students to be able to handle the animals with;


- Care

- Control

In order to work on these principles, not every lesson at RHR will happen in the saddle. Not every lesson will involve rigorus activity. We have crafted a program that helps us find a balance for all students and encourages them to treat the horses as companions - not tools. A connection between rider and horse is paramount to long term riding success.

Typically, the first 1-3 lessons for a beginner rider will involve short, steady rides as the student gains strength and mobility in the saddle. 

Activities during are completely dependent on weather, animals, and availability.

Policies and Guidelines

Deposit, Payment, and Waivers 

Upon enrollment in our program, a waiver for liability must be filled out and a non-refundable deposit of $50 must be paid in full. Payment for the full month of lessons must be paid completely 7 days prior to the start of the program.

Red Horse Ranch currently takes payments via Venmo, Zelle, check, and cash.


Parent Involvement Policy

Parent or guardian MUST stay on property for the entirety of the lesson duration. Students absolutely cannot be accommodated for without adult supervision.

During times in which students are supervised by RHR staff, parents are encouraged to watch the session but allow space for students to learn and staff to instruct. If parents are found to be giving guidance from the sidelines, they will be asked to wait in an area further away to allow room for students to focus on their riding and learning.

Behavior Policy and Rules

Red Horse Ranch reserves the right to send students home at any time for any reason. At the ranch, we spend all day around animals; some of them are quite large and carry inherent risk. For this reason, it is important students are willing and able to follow directions. A student can be completely dismissed from the program if sent home multiple times in one month of sessions, or for any other reason. In this case, refunds are not offered.

Inclement Weather Policy

Lessons can and may be cancelled at any time for any reasons such as inbound weather, extreme temperatures, or horse injury/illness. Refunds will not be offered but any payments made in advance are creditable towards the next available lesson time. Lessons are NOT refundable or reschedulable in the event of student cancellations. Scheduled absences can be accommodated for if planned prior to the start of the month.

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