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Horse and Equine Boarding

Red Horse Ranch began as, and is primarily, a horse boarding and riding facility.

We are a private, secure, family-owned and operated barn. Your horse gets care like one of our own.

Few stalls may be available at Red Horse Ranch, a more than 10-acre former hunter/jumper facility. Stalls, turnout, round pen, and arena are all oversized and comfortable for both you and your horse. While all disciplines are welcome, our barn is primarily catered towards relaxed, recreational horse ownership.

Full stall board includes hay, grain, feed soaking, bedding, mucking, feeding, blanketing, just about everything. Grain of your choice up to a 30-dollar bag. Each stall has individual fans and auto waterers, as well as 3/4 inch pads, open windows, and lots of space. Grass in every turnout.

Spend every second at the barn being with your horse - no leg work involved.

Call or text 407-620-9175 for more information, inquire about stalls, or get onto the waitlist.

Human Amenities and Riding Space

Our tack room is indoors with ample lighting, as well as A/C and climate control. Three covered washstalls are just outside featuring lighting, fans, pads, and hose for washing. There is an easily accessible indoor bathroom on site.

Our facility features a large, native-footed riding arena, sized 230 x 160. This gives ample room for any sport or discipline, as well as the ability to set up jumps, barrels, rails, or any other equipment to further your ride.

Your preference of outside trainers, vets, farriers, or other individuals are all welcome on the property.


Hurricane Safe Concrete Block Barn

In our high ceiling 12 stall spacious barn, every stall is equipped with a fan, automatic waterer, corner feeder, yoke window to outside, and 5 foot front wall. This setup allows our barn to be light and airy inside while also being secure - divided by steel and wood walls between each stall, and containing a wide, roomy center aisle. All stalls are padded with 3/4 inch mats and then filled with pine shavings.

Horses are given 12-hour daily turnout and fed twice daily meals in their assigned stall. Nutritional plans are individual for each horse and are assessed upon intake.


Oversized Grassy Paddocks

With room for both individual and group turnout, day or night, all on grass paddocks, all of our horses are happy, healthy, and active, even without much work. Individual care is taken to match horses with appropriate groups or 1-on-1 friends for the perfect turnout setting for them. Every paddock has natural shade in the form of forest-esque run-in areas or large arching oak trees. Horses are brought into the barn for any inclement weather that may pose them danger or stress.

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