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RHR Open House
Barn Day

4/20      11AM-1PM

RHR occasionally hosts open house barn days in which we open our gates to guests.

Guests are welcomed to the farm to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and get a chance to meet, pet, and feed a number of our barnyard animals.

Visits are expected to last roughly 30 minutes.

Pre-registration is required to attend.

Register for our 4/20 Open Barn Day

Please take a moment to fill out the form. Remember your spot is not reserved until we receive payment for your admission. 

Thank you for supporting local farmers and small businesses.

Payments - Can be made to:

The cost of entry is $30 per car.


When making a payment, please include your family name and event date in the submission.



Registered to: Cedar Todd



Confirmation Number: 9175

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