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Red Horse Ranch

Red Horse Ranch is a family-run horse boarding location and hobby farm that was established in spring of 2021, and has been growing steadily ever since. On the farm, you'll find cats, dogs, horses, chickens, cows, goats... and at this rate, probably something new tomorrow!


Green Bean

Green Bean is a Holstein calf who was bottle-raised as a baby here at the ranch. His favorite treats are fresh kale and spinach. Green Bean lives on our green pastures with his two brothers, Malo and Switch, and is the only calf out of all three that will grow up to have horns!


Basil is a Nigerian Dwarf goat! She spends most of her time with her sister Ginger, climbing their playset and occasionally taking nibbles out of only the most delicious of trees! She is a recent addtion to our growing family and has lived on the ranch for about a month.



Straight out of an old western, Roscoe is a Tennessee Walking Horse, a breed known for their calm, gentle demeanor, and smooth, gliding-like ride. He can usually be found enjoying some delicious grass, or by chance, taking a midday nap in the sun!


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